Emma is an approximately 1 year old (DOB September 2014) mantle merle female Great Dane. Emma is a bit of a princess, preferring the finer things in life. She will generally mind requests to remain off the furniture while you are in the room, but all bets are off when the humans aren’t around. Emma would LOVE to have her own sofa that she can snuggle up with her humans on.

Emma recently turned 1 and is very mild mannered for a young pup. She is endlessly inquisitive and enjoys time to explore and take in new sights and sounds. She will find her own entertainment if left unsupervised and still chews a lot like most puppies. She can be destructive if left out, but crates well when you need to run errands. Emma is an excellent passenger in the car and enjoys going for rides. She loves playing with the other foster dog in her home (male Great Dane) and would do best with a larger companion dog that can handle her size, but won’t be too rough – she is a princess after all!

Emma enjoys children and smaller, friendly dogs. She is very gentle with both. She sometimes forgets how big she is, but that is to be expected. She has an incredibly “soft” mouth and is not protective over food, toys or spaces.

She does take a bit of time to settle in and warm up, but once she does, her family is in for a treat – she is a sweetheart of a girl. Emma is working on her leash manners around things she finds exciting. She does very well on her walks around the neighborhood and excels on buddy walks with a calm, confident pal to lead the way. She is a smart girl that would really benefit from fun training classes.

Emma is spayed and up to date on vaccines. She will be microchipped and heartworm tested before she is available for adoption.