UPDATE 09/03/15
Enzo has an application pending!

Enzo is a 4 year old (DOB October 2010) black male Great Dane.  Enzo loves to play, run, chase tennis balls, play with tug toys and go for walks. But more than anything he just loves to be close to his people. He is almost five and has never been crated until now, but he’s adjusting to it well–no whining or pawing at the crate. He still prefers to be able to roam and to sleep outside the crate, and he is well behaved enough to do that.

He doesn’t chew on shoes, furniture, carpets/rugs…only his own toys. He is a breeze to bathe in the shower, but he wasn’t terribly interested in the water hose outside.

Enzo is beautiful, bright, in great shape and has lots of energy. He needs a family, probably with kids over the age of 6 or 7 (he’s tall and that tail really whips!), or at least with active-lifestyle adults who have the time to spend with him at home and outdoors, for him to realize his fullest potential. He will get bored and lonely if he spends long periods of time alone, as is typical of Danes, but Enzo is especially sociable. Having another dog-pal, preferably a female, would be ideal as he thrives on interaction and affection. Ultimately, he truly desires to please his people and needs that praise/affirmation that he is, indeed, a “good boy!”

Enzo is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, heart worm tested (negative) and on monthly preventative.

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