Manny is a 1.5 year old (DOB May 2014) piebald neutered male Great Dane.  His previously family loved him very much but didn’t invest enough time in training and manners and Manny can be a little overwhelming at times.  He is learning manners and boundaries and will need ongoing training to reinforce.

We are working on crating training and he is doing well; he can be destructive when not crated.  He is being fostered in a home with several other dogs and he does mostly okay with them; he does get corrected by the other dogs as he can be pushy at times.  He is housebroken.  Manny loves to counter surf for food and is lightening quick at it, so a food free counter top is a must!

Manny is a typical young Dane and is testing boundaries when he can.  He would do best in a home with a Dane savvy leader to ensure he learns and practices good dog manners.  He is also high energy and needs a release for that energy, whether it is long walks, playtime with another dog or lots of play time with his humans.

Manny is neutered and up to date on vaccines, and will be microchipped and heart worm tested soon.

Manny has some vetting that needs to be done and we need to get to know him a little better before he will be available for adoption.

Manny Announce