May 2017: Hope was turned into our rescue in very poor shape. She was originally found as a stray and wasn’t keeping any food down and was skin and bones. We were able to get her to the vet and a diagnosis of Mega Esophagus “ME” was made.

ME is not an immediate death sentence however it does require special feedings, medications and lots and lots of patience and love. And routine vet checks are a must to ensure all is well as ME dogs are prone to aspirate pneumonia which is a very serious, life threatening condition.

We did a DNA test for fun and the results indicated Hope was Great Dane, Boxer and Golden Retriever! She is currently a thin 40 pounds but she has been gaining weight as she continues to grow and we get better at what food, water and medications suite her.

Since she was a stray we do not have any history on her and are guessing her DOB to be approximately 2/1/2017. She is a very active pup!

We are hopeful we can connect with a family that is experienced with ME and can open their home and hearts to Hope!